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About us

Passion - Experience - Knowledge

Gastronomy & Consultancy

Pascal Vandenheulen & Caroline Poppe​


each in our domain and together.

Long-standing partners,

private & professional.

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Our mission

"Share fromn our knowledge and experience from a passionate experience."


We make the difference for you.

As experts in our field and experienced entrepreneurs. We really work differently. Very personal, with full respect for our customers. 

We are never shy of a new challenge, this has made us a happy duo for 20 years.

After our successful own restaurant in Belgium, it was time for a different life.

Spain has been since 2022 our home base. Literally!

From here we work with our own talents,

Our success?

Respect & communication. 

Nuclear physics, it is not. 

Insight - through knowledge and experience - and the network are extremely important in everything we do.

The passion makes it fun! 

We give you sound advice, each in our domain.

Together & apart.


Pascal maintains a focus on gastronomy as a chef en culinary advisor

For Caroline was it time to go back to her roots as consultant,

this time with a very personal approach.


Because it's in our blood, and we love doing it together, 

we invite you to enjoy our Private Dining.

Truly private, at our home, at Finca Popoli​.

Pascal is a Chef consultant for the hospitality and food industry, his specialty and passion.

Caroline is a personal purchasing agent. Your eyes and confidence in this region. 

Who we are and what we do can be found on our personal page,

I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Caroline & Pascal

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