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Personal Service Consultant


Personal service tailored to your needs

Freely translated into Spanish, with regard to my activities : "Consultoría Inmobiliaria"

In other words, I am your contact person for everything related to your real estate.

Do you not feel like or have the time to look for the ideal property in the Costa Blanca yourself?

No idea who is reliable, what to do, where to go with questions and projects?

I work independently and personally to find and follow up a property according to your wishes.

I always put the right people in touch with each other. From initial search to work follow-up.

Fully customized, according to your wishes.

I perform as an independent consultant for the advice or assistance in regard to the purchase, sale and follow-up of real estate.

My activity is completely separate from real estate agents.

Everyone has different wishes and a different view of a property in Spain.

For this I work completely custom, according to a tailor made plan of approach, which I develop according to what you need, what you want.

A very different angle from traditional brokers, much more personal and discrete, with a very strong focus on my clients.

Discretion is key.

I'm looking through your eyes, not from the sellers point of vue.

A house or investment property?

I search for you, according to your specific wishes, in all portfolios of the different brokers, online and on the private market.


In order to be able to make a purchase in Spain, I will guide you through all the necessary steps.

My network ensures the right people in the right place. From notary to lawyer to accountant, ...

Worry-free on your search, I am your personal guide.

After the purchase?

Once we find a property, there are other things to follow up.

If you wish, I can also follow up those things for you, by example :

- a garden contractor, pool maintenance, cleaning lady, ....

- connections such as telephone, internet, utilities,...

- renting and key management

- renovations

- general follow-up


Practically I can arrange and follow up everything as you wish.

Enthousiastic, professional, discrete.

Collaboration is easy, contact me! 

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Send me your questions by mail, telephone or whatsapp.

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