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Do you recognise the feeling of butterflies fluttering enthusiastically in your stomach?

The butterfly feeling (is that a word?) due to pure infatuation, enthusiasm, ...

Or also due to impatience for something really beautiful, fun or spectacular?

It played tricks on me these days, because of all the above.

The infatuation is logical with a husband like mine, after 20 years still particularly nice.

The many activities I undertook also always gave me that blissful rush.

Apparently, it is my "drug". I am always looking for my butterfly feeling (so now it is a word :) ).

Pure pleasure!

It has been quite a while -despite my good intentions- since I updated you on our goings-on.

Meanwhile, the renovations of our house came to an end and we worked hard on our activities.

Pascal as consultant chef and private workshops and me as buying agent .

Together, we also still do the Private Dinings at our home. Challenges remain motivating!

Between all our other activities, I was studying for my broker's degree, but only in earnest since April.

Indeed, a more than dear friend gave me an ulitimatum "I won't visit you again until you graduate". Even more motivation.

Also, the fact that I will soon be at the halfway point of my life (yes, I have high hopes) somewhat bedevilled me with quite a performance drive. Still so much to do!

Despite passing with great distinction (am really content with my achievement), I did not want to celebrate until I received my official certificate of Spanish real estate agent. The API (Agente Propiedad Inmobiliaria ) and RAICV (register for real estate agents in Valencia) have been applied for which I will shortly receive the corresponding number.

So last week I passed my exams with flying colours. What a task! Legislation (in Spain this is really bizarre), architecture, sales & marketing (totally my thing), energy, project management, valuations,...

I was never a real student and I feared for my chances of success. ( nvdr: Almost 50 , menopausal concentration disorders or just some form of ADHD or something, never been different)

Now it turns out that after the first 2 modules of the 13 in total - each with its exams and various intermediate tests - my fears diminished and my enthusiasm only increased. Fascinating subject matter! It helps me work even more efficiently and can make the analyses of the properties clearer.

After translating the Spanish course (yes, you read it right), I studied synchronously in both languages. So that I would definitely understand it completely.

Turns out with my final result of 82.10% so I do know what it is about and can and do talk about it.

As a consultant, I already had some nice experiences in the world of real estate, but now I can really do it.

My main activity remains purchase broker. The buyer's confidant, independent of all selling parties. I really enjoy guiding my customers personally from A to Z. Orientation, search, administration, after-sales service and follow-up of renovations. Their trust lets me give my best, because I love those butterflies. New projects follow themselves by word of mouth. So you may do the same ;)

Today is the redeeming butterfly day, my diplomas are in and the champagne is open.

Santé! Salud! Cheers!

All fluttering butterflies,


Your eyes on the Costa Blanca!

and Pascal

33Masterchef - Consultant Chef - Private Dinings 

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