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Feliz 2024! Happy New Year !


It has been an outrageously long time since I sent you an update on our adventures in Spain.

I didn't have anything spectacular to report.

What happened in the meantime?

Nothing and a lot. Depending on how you look at it...

Private Dining @ Finca Popoli

Many parties came to enjoy Pascal's dishes. As always, very intimate and personal, at our home, in Finca Popoli. Private and exclusive.

Adapted local wines and Pascal's exquisite menus.

A very fine mix of local Spaniards, holidaymakers and regulars.

Time after time very nice moments !

And the search for local wines? Fascinating! So many winemakers nearby! He who seeks finds, surprises galore.

Pascal "on the road"

With all his knowledge, he has been able to guide many a restaurant to get their culinary affairs on point over the past year.

Staffing problems, insufficient knowledge, a stubborn chef, lost focus... restaurant owners come to Pascal. Hands on, he analyses where the real problem is and provides the necessary guidance and advice.

An external pair of eyes and hands really does make all the difference! Justifiably proud of his discrete approach and realisations.

Home @ Finca Popoli

We harvested an overwhelming load of olives, pressed and bottled our " virgen extra " olive oil. Our delicate organic oil, smooth and flavourful, is a hit this year!

Similarly, our harvest of membrillos (quinces) and mandarins were so generous that jellies, jams and liqueurs also had to go through the kitchen.

We sell our home-made products at Finca Popoli. As a holiday souvenir, even if most keep it for themselves.

Enjoyment is still our middle name.

Caroline as a personal buying agent

Meanwhile, I am a regular at the notary and law firms to guide my clients in buying their dream property. They come here to do business, invest or live. It is a genuine pleasure to see those happy faces and guide them through this process.

Working with the right partners is important, it is harrowing the stories some experience. Like when dear customers signed a contract in good faith with an estate agent, which in no way corresponded to good practice.

It still happens here every day, unheard of and incomprehensible! Some people really get away with this kind of scam. Customers come to me for help and a solution.

Even though it is much easier if they work with me before signing a contract, it does not stop me from offering support and finding solutions afterwards as well.

My job as a buying agent is much needed, unfortunately. The end result and the personal collaboration is why I love it so much.

And then I also decided to get my API (Spanish BIV).

Because my personal perfectionism really does demand that I know as much as the sales agents here, preferably more :p Completely crazy what they try to sell you as truth.

The certificate has been compulsory since October '23 but many renounce it.

Studying and even then in Spanish is harder than I thought but little by little I'm definitely succeeding! I'll keep you posted ;)

And there is more ...

When I describe it like this, I notice that there is so much more to tell. So still a reason to write more frequently.

Besides work, we also have a private life, of course, which is richer than we could ever imagine. More on that in a future post ;)

We wish you a year full of crazy adventures, lots of happiness and sparkling health in 2024!

We look forward to meeting you at Finca Popoli or somewhere on the road!

Contact us if you want more information about our work.

As always, we are very happy to help you!


Many greetings from our mountain in Bolulla,

Pascal & Caroline

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